College reading can be agony. 

Interpreting a professor's poorly-written syllabus can be exasperating. And our brains weren't designed to handle the sorts of texts that are pushed upon us!

We struggle to focus.
We struggle to keep up.
We struggle to comprehend.
We struggle to remember.

College reading can be overwhelming.


But what if there were a better way?

What if your college reading could be focused?
What if your college reading could be quick?
What if your college reading could give clear understanding?
What if your college reading could be remembered perfectly?

Most of all, what if college reading could be simple? 

readingHACKS is an epic 4-week course to make college sane. Our class aims to make academic reading easier, better, and more enjoyable. 

You’ll master speed reading. You’ll murder procrastination. You’ll learn the subtle art of getting ideas to breed like rabbits in your brain. You’ll hack long-term memory. You’ll learn how to follow an author’s convoluted reasoning, and how to reduce even the most wordy sentences into utter simplicity.

In short, you’ll learn how to become an ever-so-slightly more awesome human being, and a few other things beside. 

The course aims to be transformative. It focuses on reading — but really it helps you weaponize brain science to make life better.


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"I wish I had taken this course as a freshman — it would have changed the entire course of my undergraduate education."

— Penelope, UW Honors Senior